Alan Borger - Architect, Urbanist, Designer and Entrepreneur.
Creative Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Fabrica de Projetos - Architecture and Urban Planning + Design in Sao Paulo Brazil

Alan Borger - Arquiteto, Urbanista, Designer e Empreendedor.
Estúdio de Criação em São Paulo, SP, Brasil.
Website Pessoal de Portfólio.
Fábrica de Projetos - Escritório de Arquitetura e Urbanismo em São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

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Alan Borger>Curriculum Vitae



2015 – Present      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Founder / Sr. Designer

At Click.Blue we design, develop and host web-based projects and mobile apps. We will handle everything from branding to social media management so that you can take care of your business, not of your website. Here's a few of our clients;

- Equiposhop Brasil;
- Carevolution; 
- IMJ Brasil;
- PupCakes;
- Beco Dranoff (Artist Website)


Architectural Design, Structural Design, Project Management, Business Management

2010 – Present      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Fábrica de Projetos

Founder / Sr. Architect

Fábrica de Projetos is a space for co-working on Architecture and Design Thinking. As head of the firm, I´ve been responsible for the Design, Project Management, and Construction Site of several jobs including;

- The Renovation of a 30.000 sq. ft. Nightclub
- A 32.000 Hectare "Eco-Farm"; 
- Two Urban Renovation Projects;
- Two ´Cultural Centers´;
- A 6500 sq. ft. Beach House;
- Four bars and restaurants; 
- The renovation of several apartments; 


Architectural Design, Structural Design, Project Management, Business Management

2013      |     Boston, MA, USA


UX + UI Expert / Design Thinking + Business Model Consultant

Along with two computer-scientists from the MIT, a Marketing student from Emmerson College and one Design student from Pratt, I worked on the concept of a college-exclusive Mobile App. Besides acting as the Art Director of the project, I was also responsible for advising, as Co-Founder and member of the Board, all decisions regarding Business Modelling and Development. Below are some of my duties during that time;

- Product Concept Design (Wireframes + Mockups)
- Art Direction
- Consultancy on all things related to User Experience and Interface (UX / UI)
- Business Model Consultancy


Interactive Design, UX, UI, Project Management, Business Management, Art Direction

2012      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Entrepreneur / Head of Design

In 2012, I worked with a couple of friends on a very interesting but also complicated Startup Project. Even though the project never really took off, in my mind, I´m often still working on improving its innovative Business Model...

- Product Concept Design (Wireframes + Mockups)
- Art Direction
- Head of Design
- (Proto)  COO / CTO
- Entrepreneurship and fundraising


Entrepreneurship, Conceptual Design Thinking, Business Model Development

2009 – 2010       |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

GreenMind / Marton² Design

Architect Collaborator

In the years of 2009 / 10, I worked with these two companies on such projects as;

- Urban Energy Efficiency Plan for the neighborhood of Luz in São Paulo
- Boutique Hotel Design


Architectural Design and Urban Planning

2009 – 2012      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Escola da Cidade

Assistant Professor

I was Dr. Guilherme Wisnik´s assistant professor for 3 years, which was a very enriching experience as I got to learn a lot from him, who became a few years later, the curator of the Bienal de Arquitetura de Sao Paulo . The course was called History of Technique and we taught:

- Modern Art and Architecture
- Contemporary Art and Architecture
- Art History
- Post-Modernism


Theory, Teaching

2008 – 2010      |     New York City, NY, USA  /  São Paulo, SP, Brazil

[SPG] Architects

Architect Collaborator

In 2008 I began a long and fruitful collaboration with [SPG] Architects in NYC with whom I worked on the design and development of a few projects such as;

- A Country House in North Carolina, USA
- A Music Studio in Brooklyn, NY, USA
- Two Loft Renovations in Manhattan, NY, USA
- A Community Center in Rwanda
- A Bar / Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil 


Architecture, Design, Construction, Project Management

2005      |     Salvador, BA, Brazil

C. Tecnologia da Rede Sarah

Intern Architect

Centro de Tecnologia de Rede Sarah, CTRS is one of the most technologically advanced factories in Brazil. From the industrial plant in Salvador, the famous architect João Filgueiras Lima, a.k.a. Lelé, used to design, fabricate and ship entire hospitals to other parts of the country. I learned a lot, just from being in the factory, observing all the processes, copying drawings by hand, understanding the object to be designed in full scale. What I learned mostly from this priceless experience was;

- Industrial Design
- High-Tech, Pre-Fab Architecture
- Industrial Processes
- Civil Construction
- Practical Experiments with Steel, Cement and Plastic


Architecture, Industrial Design, Hospital and Medical Architecture

2002 – 2007     |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil



Before I graduated Architecture, I took some jobs as a freelance designer.


Graphic Design, Architectural Design,  Furniture Design


2014 – Present      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Escola da Cidade

“Architecture, Education and Society”

I´m currently back at my university for a Post-Graduation Program and it´s an honor to be once again learning from my masters and colleagues alike. The program will mostly cover:

- How to teach Architecture and what is its impact on society. 


Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Structural Design, Art and Architecture History, Building Technology History, Sociology, Anthropology, Pedagogy. 

2013      |     Online


“Computer Sciences”

I´ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the different programming languages and mechanisms. It´s the same with Architecture; the more you know about Engineering, the more you are free to Design.

- Introduction to Computer Sciences. 


Computer Sciences

2013      |     Online

“20 Hours of Code”

Such a great initiative....

- Introduction to Computer Sciences. 


Computer Sciences

2002 – 2007      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Escola da Cidade

“Architecture and Urbanism”

I had the opportunity to study architecture with the very fist class of the upcoming and forward-thinking Escola Da Cidade in São Paulo, Brazil. The intimate and entrepreneurial spirit of the group allowed me to get very close to my professors. A further privilege was being able to take field trips, master classes, lectures and workshops with some of the great names of the industry, namely:

- Oscar Niemeyer;
- Paulo Mendes da Rocha;
- João Filgueiras Lima (Lelé);
- Julius Natterer;
- Luigi Snozzi;
- Robert Brufau;
- Ciro Pirondi;
- Anália M. M. C. Amorim;
- Ricardo Caruana;
- Celso Pazzaneze;
- Paulo Brazil...


Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Structural Design, Art and Architecture History, Building Technology History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Mathematics, Geometry, Physics...

2003       |     Florence, Italy

Istituto Lorenzo de Medici

“Art History”

For a couple of months I had the pleasure to experience Florence and to take Art History classes, covering the following periods ;

- Prehistoric Art
– Archaic and Classic Greek
- Etruscan & Roman Classic 
- Renaissance, Renaissance, Renaissance...


Art History

2001 – 2002      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

“Philosophy and Social Sciences”

For about two years I attended classes at the Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciencias Humanas (FFLCH/USP) covering such subjects as;

- Philosophy
- Political Sciences
- Sociology
- Anthropology
- Literature


Arts and Humanities, Theory and History 

2001       |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Belas Artes de São Paulo


I took one year of Architecture at the School of Fine Arts of São Paulo (FEBASP), before I decided to move to the new Escola da Cidade, which at that point was about to receive its first class. At this school, I studied mostly;

- Architecture; Design & History
- Interior Design
- Art Composition & Graphic Design


Architecture & Design

1998 – 2000      |     São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Colégio Oswald de Andrade

“Liberal Arts & Humanities High School”

Created by the great educator Paulo Pan Chacon, this school offered me the chance already as a teenager to take elective credits in the areas I was more interested in, such as;

– Literature (3 years)
- Philosophy (2 years)
- Music (2 years)
- Psychology (1 year)
– Political Sciences (1 year)
- Cultural History of Brazil in the 60´s & 70´s (1 year)
- Visual Arts (1 year)


Liberal Arts & Humanities

Clients & Partners

AME Jardins
Grupo Clash
[SPG] Architects
Swedish Trade and Investment Council
Banco Itaú S.A. 
RTKSP ´Rethink Space´ 
Nike Game Changers
The BankBoston Foundation
Architecture for Humanity 
Open Architecture Network 
Escola da Cidade 
Le French Bazar
Móbili Restaurante
Casa Vértices
Gaia Consultoria Ambiental
RED Gastronomia Criativa
Atelier Muxarabi
Espaço Revista CULT 
Teatro Sérgio Cardoso
Mulisha Estúdio Criativo
Equiposhop Brasil
Galeria Experiência


IAB.SP – Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil

CREA.SP – Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Arquitetura

CAU.SP – Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Honors & Awards

S.O.S Ciudades – Taller Sudamerica

1st Prize: São Paulo, 2005
Honorable Mention: Valparaíso, 2004

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